White Fluffy Dog - Winnie by Cori Solomon
The holidays always bring in more pet portrait commissions.  2020 was no different.  My first pet portrait of the season was a white fluffy dog named Winnie.  I had done a dog portrait of Silkie for this family in 2005. They remembered me and last year they contacted me about doing a second dog portrait.

Winnie was an easy study because for some reason I have a knack for fluffy dogs.  Her owners describe her as a very sweet dog, but a little wild. They rescued her at 6 months old. Winnie loves to sleep under desks and beds, and she’s constantly tearing up tissues and toilet paper and whatever falls on the floor. Many of us know the paper routine that occurs mostly with female dogs. Winnie is a gentle, kind, and loving soul, which I tried to capture in my drawing.

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If you would like to commission a dog portrait or give a gift of a pet portrait, please email Cori for more information.  I love creating drawings of any animal, whether it is a cat, dog, horse, or wildlife.