Welsh Terrier Riley © Cori Solomon

Meet Riley, a Welsh Terrier and the model for my latest dog portrait.  This drawing was a gift for a dear friend for all the work she had done to organize the IFWTWA 2022 conference in St Petersburg, FL.

The drawing was created from an image that I spotted on Facebook of Riley.  The image intrigued me when I first eyed it. When I decided to make the drawing, I knew which photo to use.  I also knew that Riley is a character with many endearing antics.  He is very much loved by his owners.

Riley Cutler © Chris Cutler

Welsh Terrier Riley Cutler

The Welsh Terrier is an affectionate family dog.  The AKC website describes the breed as spirited and alert. They were bred to hunt badgers and otters.

The best part of giving a gift like this was the presentation.  It was a surprise that I gave in front of those who were at the IFWTWA conference, and seeing the surprise on Chris’ face when I called her up to receive this gift.

Chris Cutler Receiving the Drawing of Riley © Cori Solomon

Chris Cutler & Cori Solomon with the drawing of Riley. Photo by Dave Nershi

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