Weimaraner - Vegas the Lucky Rescue Dog
In addition to being an animal artist, I am a wine journalist. An important aspect of many wineries is the winery dog.  Because I have an affinity for both wine and dogs, I love to draw these winery dogs. Dracaena Wines, a winery located in Paso Robles, known for the Cabernet Franc, owners Lori, and Mike Budd love Weimaraners.  The winery’s name pays tribute to their first Weimaraner Draco. His image is branded on their winery label.

Vegas, their second Weimaraner is a rescue dog.  In many instances, the rescued dog comes from an abused home. In other circumstances rather than being abused, they are neglected.  For Vegas neglected puts it mildly. Named Zero at the time of his rescue, this poor dog did not have a chance till Lori and Mike discovered this sweet guy.  Now in his third home or I should say his forever home, Vegas got his name because his owners frequent Las Vegas and if you play your cards right, you can be lucky and win.  In this case, Vegas luck was changing because now five years later is one happy full of love Weimaraner and a win-win situation for Vegas, Lori, and Mike.

Pastel Drawing Size: 8″ X 10″

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