Small White Dog Rosie by Cori Solomon
My first dog portrait of 2021 depicts Rosie, a Coton de Tulear.  The Coton is a small white dog named after the city of Tuléar in Madagascar and known as the “Royal Dog of Madagascar.” Those that own the Coton de Tulear find they make a bright, happy companion dog. This breed loves to clown around and follow their owners around the house. The Coton may be small but a very sturdy small white dog.

The Drawing

Sometimes I receive more challenging images to create a drawing.  In this case, the photos were not the most glamorous. Some were in your face-head shots with Rosie’s tongue hanging out.  These types of images cause the dog to look out of proportion and not the most flattering.  I finally settle on the following photo.  I figured it was the best to show off Rosie’s personality.

Small White Dog Photo

Photo Image of Rosie

As you can see from the image of Rosie, I had to create part of the hind leg and the tail to make the drawing work.

This drawing was a gift from Rosie’s owner’s best friend.  Pet portraits make lovely gifts that your friends will always remember you by.

If you are interested in a pet portrait email Cori for more information.

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