Scottish Terrier Muffin by Cori Solomon
When IFWTWA, International Food Wine Travel Writers Association, wanted to honor our last President, Linda Kissam, for her years of work for the organization, I thought what better way than having the board give her a pastel drawing of her Scottish Terrier, Muffin. From my experience of giving the gift of a dog portrait, the recipient always knows who gave them this wonderful piece of art.  Every time they look at the drawing, it reminds them of the donor.  A dog portrait is a gift to be cherished.

Muffin, a two-year-old Scotty, goes with Linda and her husband on many of her travels.  This Scottish Terrier is seaworthy as the Kissam’s spend their summers on a boat, their summer home in Seattle.  I am sure if Muffin could talk, she would tell about many of the adventures and life onboard.

Choosing a lavender background, I accented the hair with bits of lavender and red to bring life and character to Muffin.

Other Scottish Terrier Artwork By Cori Solomon

Scottish Delight

The following represents a series of Monotypes I created utilizing an image of Scotty’s

Midnight Sonata

Cool Blue

Hot Scottie

If you would like to commission a dog portrait or give a gift of a pet portrait, please email Cori for more information.  I love creating drawings of any animal, whether it is a cat, dog, horse, or wildlife.