Gemini Orange Tabby Cat by Cori Solomon
Meet Gemini, an Orange Tabby Cat who is the subject of my latest commissioned cat portraits.

Although Gemini just turned 5 years old in November and a Scorpio, her owner named her Gemini because she’s his little Gem.

Gemini’s Orange Tabby Cat Personality

Gemini acts as his emotional support cat so she and her owner have a very loving relationship. Gemini is a very shy girl. She doesn’t like to be around people unless she has met them multiple times.  Gemini would rather be with her owner. Gemini’s owner says she sleeps under the covers and is a very vocal chatty girl. She will yell if she wants food, more water, her litter box cleaned or if she hasn’t seen her owner for a couple of hours.  Ultimately, this orange tabby cat just wants to talk and tell about her day.

With her owner, Gemini is a cuddler a lot. She loves to jump on the bed and beg for a cuddle.  Cuddle time means, crawling into her owner’s arms. Gemini also has a very playful side. She is a curious baby who lives to look outside at the birds and the squirrels and play with her toys. She loves pouncing from the bed and using it as a jumping point.

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