Tabby Cat Furry Friend- Elvis by Cori Solomon

When we lose a furry friend, whether it is a cat or a dog, there is a huge void in our lives.  Our homes seem empty without the presence of our pet, who was part of our life for many years.  Some of us need space before bringing the next furry friend into our lives.  One of the best ways to remember our furry friend, and in this case, a feline child, is a pet portrait.

For my friend Beth-Ellen, I created a drawing of Elvis, a tabby cat that was dear to her heart.  Looking at a set of pictures of Elvis, I knew he was a character.  This drawing captures a more serious side of Elvis but looking into those cat eyes, you know there is a mischievous side to Elvis.

Noting that Beth-Ellen lives in a Spanish-style home with earthy colors, I chose a terracotta red for the background.  This color accents Elvis’ tabby brown colors.

The tabby cat is known for its stripes found on its face, back, and legs.  Think of the tabby cat as a coat type rather than a breed.  This type of coat is found in most domestic breeds of cats.

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