Hank Blue Nose Pitbull Terrier by Cori Solomon

Hank, a Blue Nose Pitbull Terrier was my most recent commissioned pet portrait. Created for a friend to give her stepson for his birthday, Hank is a bundle of joy, a wiggly dog who loves to play tug of war. I created this pastel drawing from an image of Hank looking over the end of the bed. In this case, Hank looks over a chair at his master.

About the Blue Nose Pitbull Terrier

Most Blue Nose Pitbull Terriers are either American Pitbull Terriers or American Staffordshire Terriers. The Blue Nose Pitbull has specific genes that make its coat a blue-like color. The blue color is caused by a recessive gene triggered by diluted black pigment. Typically the repressive gene occurs when two Blue Nose Pitbull Terriers are bred to produce ‘blue’ puppies.

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