Animal Face Masks
Unique gifts and items displaying the artwork of Cori Solomon are found on both FineArt and  These include animal face masks since they are the new norm in our daily dress code. Animal lovers looking for face masks will now find them available in cats, dogs, horses, farm animals, and wildlife. There are even face masks with flowers, birds, or grapes on them.  The artwork ranges from abstract to realistic depending on the original medium and style I attempted to create.

Dog Themed Animal Face Masks

In dogs, find plenty of breeds.  From Corgis, Dachshund, Pugs, Golden Retrievers, Labradors to poodles, and of course, my breed of dog the Saluki. You might even find that more unusual breed.

Border Collie Face Mask

Two Border Collies Face Mask

Cats, Horses, Farm Animals, and Wildlife Masks

For the cat lover, discover tabbies, a Calico, Siamese, and ragdoll cats, and more.

Tabby Cat Face Mask

Orange Tabby Cat Face Mask


In horses find Arabians, bays, roans, chestnuts, just to name a few.  There are rabbits, a cow, and pigs in farm animals.  If you want your wild side to come forth, find a monkey, lion, tiger, pandas, and Giraffes.

Horse Face Mask

Two Horses Face Mask

Artsy Masks

Since face masks have become a new accessory in our daily lives and part of the new norm of the pandemic era, why not wear masks with artful designs or showing off your favorite pet or animal. Maybe you want to make a fashion statement with your mask or wear a piece of art.

Orchid Flower Face Mask

Orchids In Paradise Face Mask

Find over 300 designs from realistic to contemporary, from abstract to traditional, with some exhibiting colorful designs and other monotoned.

Let’s make a fashion statement with our animal face masks or our artsy face masks.

For more information on face masks visit either FineArtAmerica or Pixels