Black Labrador Retriever by Cori Solomon

Black Labrador Retriever: Easy Does It

The adoring eyes on this Black Labrador Retriever were the enticement to create my latest drawing.  Each artist captures the essence of a dog in different ways and for me it is the eyes that grab me.  For many people, a dog speaks to them through the eyes.   This...
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Welcome to Cori’s Pawtraits where you will see all things in animal art by Cori Solomon

My pet portraits are typically created with pastels although I have created pet portraits in acrylics and in a hand pulled print format, Monotypes. If you are looking for dog portraits or cat portraits you have found the right place.

Each pet portrait is an artistic rendering of your pet. I specialize in dogs, cats, horses, other animals, wildlife and birds.

Pet portraits known as “Pawtraits” are created from a photo of your pet. I prefer receiving a selection of photographs of your cat, dog or pet so that I may choose the photo that creatively inspires me. Prices for an unframed pastel pet portrait drawing are negotiated on an individual basis depending upon the size of the drawing and the number of pets included.

My Newest Pawtraits

Toy Fox Terrier: Dobby

I had a lot of fun drawing this cutey.  A commissioned dog portrait of a Toy Fox Terrier, who loves to cross his paws as evidenced in this drawing.  It is funny how some pet portraits come more easily; this was one of those that just spoke to me. Dobby's owners are...

Piggly: Rescue Dog

This commissioned Pet Portrait is of a rescue dog named Piggly.  I donated a dog portrait to the California Wildlife Center and Piggly's owners were the winning bid. Unfortunately Piggly found her forever home for only a few months.  An illness took her to the Rainbow...

Yellow Labrador Retriever: Biscuit

This pastel drawing of a yellow Labrador Retriever named Biscuit was commissioned dog portrait. Biscuit roommate is also a yellow Labrador.  Check out Miley dog portrait. For more information on dog portraits email...

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